Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Proper Storage of Petrol at Home
Fuel Queues are back!! How can I store fuel safely?
•    NEVER, EVER store fuel inside your home!
•    Do not store in a plastic container. Store fuel in approved, lockable metal containers in a well-ventilated shed/secure garage
•    Make sure container is sealed securely and not leaking. Fuel expands and vapour can build up in hot weather, so avoid filling to the brim.
•    Keep away from ignition sources (candles, matches, lighted cigarettes and electrical equipment, etc.). It may cause an explosion!!
•    NEVER smoke near stored fuel, particularly when filling containers or vehicles.
•    Empty containers must be sealed and kept in a well-ventilated place, as they may contain petrol vapour which is flammable.
•    Do not over-fill your vehicle’s fuel tank, as spillages or leaks pose a number of hazards.
•    Secure containers during transit to prevent them falling over and leaking.
•    Spillages on the road surface, particularly of diesel, create slippery conditions that are   a major hazard to all road users.
•    Petrol vapour can cause irritation of eyes, nose and throat. Exposure to high concentrations particularly in confined spaces, can cause dizziness, unconsciousness.
•    Do not siphon fuel with your mouth under any circumstances. It can be fatal if it enters the lungs or stomach.
•    Always have a fire extinguisher, of an appropriate type, nearby.


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